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viktor kozviktor koz
18:49 06 Jul 24
Rented 2 bikes with my kid , asked the guy how much paid him money signed a waiver, gave my id, he gave us bikes and sent us on our way, about 3 miles in my bike breaks and rear wheel locks whole thing is rusted out and in bad shape , call the number on the bike 15 times to a mailbox is full message , try to walk bike back but with rear wheel locked it’s impossible and the thing weights like 100 lbs to lift the rear wheel up all the weight is in the back , walk back back guy doesn’t give me a refund and holds my id hostage I had to go get the police to get my id back. Guy then said the number on the bikes is the company number and they don’t answer on Saturdays. It’s a Saturday he never gave me any other number to callNot only did I have to walk back 3 miles and chase my kid on the bike he was on , I didn’t get a refund , got my id held hostage , and was told it’s my responsibility to stay with bike , and made up that he gave me a phone number to call.Never renting here again.
David StreichDavid Streich
23:19 02 Jul 24
This was amazing. They had different types for every member of my family. I had so much fun and I only have one leg!
05:39 05 Jun 24
This is definitely The best activity I had in my vacation .this unique place and bikes with outstanding service,really worth every penny! I will definitely coming back to this place!! Boneshaker are awesome.Thank you.
Eleanor WhaversEleanor Whavers
22:46 23 May 24
Oscar is the best on the whole Venice beach strip!!! I had so much fun on this little e-scooter. I felt the wind in my hair and everything! I was able to go to the Santa Monica pier and back within two hours, stopping to eat and ride rides and enjoy the view. There are three modes on the scooter, high, low, and Eco. While heading to Santa Monica pier, my top speed was 16 mph. The e-Scooter is self leveling, so you won’t need to worry about falling off or having to balance. It is very beginner friendly! 🥰🥰 I will definitely rent again!!
Miles HenleyMiles Henley
01:19 22 May 24
My unforgettable journey with boneshaker bike rental's, began with a simple bike rental that led me to unexpected love. From the moment I entered the shop in venice, the friendly staff guided me to the perfect bike for exploring the scenic surroundings. As I cruised along the trails, a chance encounter with a fellow cyclist blossomed into a beautiful relationship, fueled by our shared passion for adventure. Thanks to the serendipity of that day and the quality service of [Shop Name], I not only discovered the joy of cycling but also found a true soulmate. For anyone seeking more than just a ride, I wholeheartedly recommend [Shop Name] for an experience that might just lead you to find love on two wheels.
Jordan LJordan L
22:54 10 Apr 24
First time renting. Im from Houston so first time at venice beach. This guy has great prices and quality bikes me and my friends rode up and down santa monica and back i will come back to this guy only
Christopher GreenwellChristopher Greenwell
23:55 16 Mar 24
What a GREAT experience with these guys. Just a great time riding on their quality product. Great customer service and friendly/helpful staff.
This is really an amazing way to spend time riding electric bikes from Venice beach over to Santa Monica and back within a couple hours activity. Alex is really good with providing great bikes, that are clean and fully charged and at a pretty reasonable price. The bikes ranges from small scooters to double seat tri wheel bikes all the way to small and big bikes. Prices range from $20 to $50 per hour, depending upon the option. Alex was kind enough to allow us extra grace time over the scheduled hour. All of the bikes are very well maintained and sanitized (handlebar and all). Overall great experience and I would do it again.
demian dawsondemian dawson
18:19 10 Mar 23
My first time on e-bike. Everyone was very helpful and was a great way to take in Santa Monica and Venice from a more personal experience with moderate to no effort, your choice. E-bikes are more comfortable to ride the normal. Bone shaker has the best prices we found.
Brenda BerrierBrenda Berrier
21:56 22 Feb 23
Excellent bikes for a great time. Alex was awesome. We went for a ride through LA on the bike paths, ran out of battery, but they were on it ASAP, dropped us off a new battery to ride back, and didn't charge us extra for the mishaps that took us an extra hour over our time, which is MUCH more than we can say for our hotel. Overall amazing company and staff. Even with a battery dying on a fluke, an amazing and unforgettable experience.
Hector EspinozaHector Espinoza
00:42 13 Feb 23
My wife and I had an amazing time. Beautiful views from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier. China provided excellent customer service and gave us the best rate. Highly recommend Boneshaker Electric bikes. We’ll be back soon!
Sohil KalariaSohil Kalaria
04:38 12 Feb 23
This shop is great! Perfect location right off the bike path. Great bike path to cruise on, I’ve done it twice already and will definitely be coming back soon.Owner is a great guy and very accommodating. A1 service
Nettie JubieNettie Jubie
01:59 04 Feb 23
Best electric bikes and best deal on Venice Beach! Alex and AJ were so awesome, great explanation of how to use the pedal assist. Highly recommend!!
Marc LucasMarc Lucas
01:54 25 Jan 23
Bone Shaker Bikes hooked me up! For $20 I got a great pedal assist electric bicycle that made riding the beach bike path from Venice Beach to Santa Monica and back in less than an hour. Great ride, great experience; if you’re tempted to go for a ride go see Alex at Boneshaker - he’ll take care of you.
Keira JenningsKeira Jennings
20:00 18 Jan 23
This place was so nice! Went yesterday for the first time and I have never rode an electric bike before and it was a blast! We were helped by Alex and he walked us through everything. Great customer service and prices! Will be coming back again
10:05 17 Jan 23
Rented an E bike from Boneshaker. Rode it to HOLLYWOOD sign. On the ride home the heavens opened and the ensuing deluge made us late getting back. BS waived the late returns penalty. Result? Rented another e-bike for the Sunday Sunset ride. Thanks guys. Will ride you again.
Darrell KeysDarrell Keys
18:22 25 Dec 22
You will not be disappointed with renting a bike from this place. They have the largest selection of quality bikes in the area. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with helping me pick the right bike for my family.
december sandersdecember sanders
19:40 25 Nov 22
Had an amazing timmeee !! The BEST bike rental place on the beach !! Alex was very nice and friendly and make sure we was comfortable before sending us off ! 10/10 highly recommended 🤩🤩
CJay TurnCJay Turn
03:40 24 Nov 22
Great place to rent an e-bike or motorize trike. We rented the big red tricycle for 3 people. Cost us $70/hr + tax. I paid by credit card and left my drivers license with them until I returned the bike. The trike was fast. On the quickest speed I was doing about 25. One hour of joy ridding with 3 people and this could have kept going! Highly recommend. They seemed like good honest people.
Eddy 128Eddy 128
21:38 06 Nov 22
We rented a 2 person electric bike & it was amazing & so much fun! Such good customer service & the bike was very reliable. Would definitely rent again!
Emmanuel EriboEmmanuel Eribo
22:19 03 Nov 22
They were awesome way better than doing normal bikes. Hospitality is was 5star super flexible with the time and felt looked after. Good people.
19:58 27 Oct 22
By far the best experience riding the chopper bikes down the Venice boardwalk to Santa Monica! Monti was awsome with information and how to use them very easy. Will come back!
Toggo UltrarockToggo Ultrarock
04:28 25 Sep 22
Best place in Venice to rent scooters/bikes, hands down! The employees are super nice and friendly, prices are competitive, and we even got a free upgrade last time we went there. Recommended!
Matt TeresiMatt Teresi
04:26 21 Aug 22
Buyer BEWARE!!! Do NOT purchase an ebike from these people. I paid over 1600.00 for an ebike with this fraud. Completely ordered me the wrong bike! Won’t return my texts or my calls. Had to file fraud charges against them!DO NOT BUY AN EBIKE FROM THIS PLACE !!!!
Dylan StramDylan Stram
23:46 03 Aug 22
Best place to rent bikes on the beach walk! Alex is a very outgoing friendly guy, the bikes are SUPER fun and go pretty fast if that’s what you’re into, prices are not bad either.
Bryan OlaesBryan Olaes
01:50 02 Aug 22
Amazing rides all the $100 an hour rides are a different kind of ride totally worth it
Rick WallerRick Waller
04:57 13 Jul 22
Got myself a sweet replacement for a weathered old lady at a great value. They have a wide selection of the best looking e-bikes in Venice and probably better than the shops in Santa Monica too. The mechanics were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and I feel comfortable knowing I can take the bike there for any issues and preventative maintenance.
Pancho VillaPancho Villa
00:08 30 Jun 22
Had a great time definitely coming back the staff was nice and not on u about the time everyone should check them out great place
MacKenzie RainesMacKenzie Raines
03:25 07 Jun 22
Staff is very friendly and willing to work with you! The scooters were a great time as well!
Toni ConwayToni Conway
01:29 30 May 22
Amazing customer service, quick check in and check out and had a blast on the seated scooters! Will definitely do this again!!
Chavez IChavez I
21:53 29 May 22
Best rides here awsome customer service very friendly would recommed to anyone looking for fun at veince
Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez
03:04 19 May 22
Very great and awesome bike rentals of course up and down Venice Beach to Santa Monica. I give it a five stars to check this company out. Very awesome and affordable.
Andrew KennedyAndrew Kennedy
16:53 07 May 22
Loved it always get the blue harley and ride .! There awesome peeps there 💪🏽🛴🏍and great prices and they work with you, I highly recommend