Marina Del Rey

Take a tour around beautiful Marina Del Rey on the bike path. Marina Del Rey is the largest man-made marina on the west coast. You can easily get lost in the moment riding along, enjoying all the amazing boats and beautiful views.

Stay Comfortable on Mother’s Beach

There’s nothing like having a great spot to enjoy near the water to soothe your nerves. Luckily, Mother’s Beach offers that ideal place to help you relax and take a breather from your busy lifestyle. It’s one of the best spots in California to visit with loved ones. Here are some things to check out in the area.

Enjoy a Family Picnic

One thing you’ll want to do after riding around your Boneshaker ebike rental all day is to have a picnic with your loved ones. You feel refreshed with a cold drink and a sandwich on a relaxing beach. Mother’s Beach provides that family atmosphere that allows you to unwind.

You might have an intense job or busy school schedule that doesn’t allow you to take too much time off. However, a short trip to this area can make you feel like you’re on a brief vacation. These moments help you get your mind together.

You can get a family of 50 to help you celebrate a new chapter or get a small reunion to catch up with everyone.

Get the Family in Shape

It feels great to be comfortable in your skin. However, it’s even better when you’re in top shape mentally and physically. Maybe you and your spouse can do some YOGAqua on the paddle board.

It helps you stay balanced as you get used to the water. Maybe you want to learn how to surf or something. This class will help you keep your fitness level high and teach you the basics of staying afloat on a board.

The kids have a modern playground to help them get their energy out. It’s fun, and they can get exercise without thinking it’s work. Take in the cool breeze and let them play until they get tired.

When the family stays in shape, it’s easier to keep up with everyone. Also, there’s more of a bond with loved ones because each person does their part to create a healthier lifestyle.

Do Some Sightseeing On the Water Taxi

Another fun thing to enjoy with the family is going on a water taxi. You can take in the sights as you go to Marina del Rey or other places near Mother’s Beach. It’s a fun way to travel, and you don’t get to do this often.

Maybe there are some local places that you can only access via taxi. You could check out Dolphin Marina nearby and see some unique restaurants. Get good food in the system before you peel out to the next adventure on your weekend trip.

Also, you don’t have to worry about parking your car in another location. A waterbus ride may cost as little as $1. It’s to your family’s advantage to explore different areas. You can become acquainted with various places on the water to help you become more familiar with things.

Have Some Adventure With Kayaking

Another thing to try is some kayaking. You might want to do something new to help you challenge yourself. Mother’s Beach doesn’t have rough waves, so it’s easier to learn how to paddle.

Also, your kids will get more comfortable with bodies of water. They’ll appreciate the life lessons later when they go to different beaches. Doing some kayaking can round off a beautiful day with family.

Check out what Mother’s Beach has to offer you and your family. Whether you want to lay back in the sun and have a picnic or take to the water, you have options.

Create an itinerary to help you determine the best activities for the day.

If you are in Marina Del Rey renting an electric bike ride then we would recommend exploring the surrounding areas Abbot Kinney, Fishermans Village, Mothers Beach, Muscle Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Street Art, Venice Canals, Venice Pier, Will Rogers State Park.