Muscle Beach

Check out the world famous Muscle Beach. The place that made stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno. Muscle Beach is still alive and full of new potential and up-and-coming talent – maybe you’ll met the next Terminator!

Have a Day Of Excitement Right on Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach is a staple in Venice, CA. From Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, many sought-after talents are groundbreaking in this area. It’s a solid place to show your athletics and a fun spot for you and your family to enjoy. Take a look at what this unique location has to offer.

Lift Some Weights at Muscle Beach

Maybe you want to go for a ride on Boneshaker electric bike rental and cruise the streets of Muscle Beach. You might get some inspiration from people working out in the sun. You might encourage your kids to get into a unique fitness regimen to help them stay active.

Also, it helps the whole family when everyone follows suit. You can get inspiration if you want to enter a bodybuilding competition. Think about taking a day where you can learn how to lift heavy weights properly and ask someone for a quality nutrition plan.

Maybe your kids want to try out the free gymnastics course next to Muscle Beach. They have access to a balance beam, rings, and rope climb. It’s a solid method to test their strength, intelligence, and flexibility.

Ride Your Skateboard at Venice Skatepark

Muscle Beach also has a nice skatepark. Venice Skatepark is one of the prime locations to meet skaters from all over the states. It’s a tourist destination and a landmark that continues to breed the next generation of professional skateboarders.

Maybe your little one has taken to the sport. It helps boost confidence in meeting different people of various cultures and backgrounds. However, it helps them get in shape as well.

Think about the positive impact it’ll have on your kid as they find a creative outlet. Also, they might want to pursue a dream of becoming a pro-skater. Your children are in the right place to take things to the next level.

They don’t have to go too far to learn tricks and start building their skills for the sport.

Relax With a Walk at the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Another reason to check out Muscle Beach is the proximity to the Venice Beach boardwalk. Whether you want to try out some fantastic food right on the strip or look for free entertainment, you have options.

Maybe you want to do a bit of shopping before your next meal. You and your kids can support local vendors to help keep the money in the community going. Also, you can relax during the weekend to get away from work and school.

It feels good just strolling along with your loved ones as you spend some family time together. You can enjoy the cool breeze and the sun.

Check out the street performers who dance, do magic tricks, or perform unique feats to keep you glued to your seat. Spend a few dollars to help them support their cause and nurture their talents.

Enjoy the Cool Murals

Another great thing about Muscle Beach is the beautiful artwork near it. If you get tired of riding or shopping, take a moment to look at The Venice Art Walls. The raw street element mixed in with beautiful art can inspire you.

They have murals and live painting events to keep that spontaneous element alive. Maybe you want to get a quick bite to eat at the Rooftop Bar at Hotel Erwin. Do some people-watching and look at the art while the sun sets.

It can end your adventurous day with a romantic evening. Take some time to enjoy the scenery with your loved ones and get away from your daily routine.

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