Santa Monica Pier

No trip to LA is complete without a stop at the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Experience the rides at Pacific Park and the legendary ferris wheel. Grab some food and enjoy the beautiful views of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

Take in Some Fun in the Sun at Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is one infamous place to check out in California. You get a sense of home, street, and class all in one go. Consider taking your family here after a busy week. Here are some places to check out on the pier.

Go On a Santa Monica Pier Scavenger Hunt

You may want to ride around the pier with your Boneshaker ebike rental. However, you want to get your kids involved with something right after cruising. Think about going on a Santa Monica pier scavenger hunt.

Get a taste of the pier’s history, which spans over 112 years old. Maybe you and your kids can find remnants of “Dogtown” artifacts that will keep you afloat in the culture and mysteries of this incredible place. It’s a solid way of bonding with your family.

Everyone can look for clues and work together as a team to complete the mission. Maybe you have to sort through old photos or solve a mathematical equation. Use your brains and creativity to get through the hunt.

Play Games at Pacific Park

Your kids would love Pacific Park. There’s an amusement park right on the pier. Go on the rides to have some fun and adventure close to home.

The exhilarating feeling of Inkie’s Scrambler makes you touch speeds that seem humanly impossible. The fast pace and the sidesplitting rotations will have your heart racing for more. Make a fun day for your child and your spouse.

The bumper cars also keep things fun. Your kids can get into the smaller ones with extra protection on the back headrest to stay safe.

Maybe you want to take it back to some old-school fun. Play classic games, such as Roll A Ball, Whac-A-Mole, Goblet Toss, and Long-Range Basketball for some lighthearted competition.

The arcades are also fun to play with a mix of modern and classic games from the 80s and 90s. Play some Angry Birds with your kids. Maybe you want to get in a 90s-style match in Mortal Kombat. 

Dance Dance Revolution would be perfect for some exercise and have fun moving around before you take a breather with a refreshing soft drink. Since 1950, Playland Arcade has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular spot to enjoy.

Get Some Delicious Cuisine on the Pier

Another reason to check out the pier is all the delicious food. You might want a traditional hot dog and fries on the boardwalk. Visit Bubba Gump Shrimp to get your seafood fix.

Soda Jerks would be fun for your kid to taste the classic soda fountain drinks. Maybe they can get a classic root beer float that gives them a look into yesteryear. A sundae is always a quality alternative to appeal to their sweet tooth.

Pier Burger is a must-have for first-timers in Santa Monica. Between the burgers, fries, and floats, you get a good feeling of a traditional fast food restaurant from the 1950s.

Look at the Sea Life at the Aquarium

After the food settles, why not go to the Aquarium? Santa Monica is home to rich sea life that will make you appreciate the underwater wonders of the world.

The Heal the Bay aquarium is a local treasure with over 100 species that your kid can check out. Also, they have hands-on activities for your children to learn about the water. Your kid will stay occupied for hours as they get the ideal combo of education and entertainment.

There are many things to do on the Santa Monica pier. Enjoy the food, culture, games, and everything else that makes it a spectacular place to visit.

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