Venice Pier

Check Out the Family Activities On the Venice Pier

Venice Beach has fun activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Not only do you have solid restaurants to enjoy, but there are some cool things for your kids to check out. You can take a day on your Boneshaker eBike rental to help you get around the place. Here are some family activities for you to enjoy on the Venice Pier.

Take a Look at Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Maybe you’re having some father and son time. You want to shred a bit with a Boneshaker eBike rental to go to the Abbot Kinney for some cool art.

Ride to Huzzah Toys to pick up a fun item for your little guy and create a bonding session. It has something for everyone, from whoopee cushions, legos, and even retro toys. Grown-ups will have a great time sharing some classic moments with their kids.

After playing and shopping, head to Pudu Pudu for a nice treat. Be amazed by the pudding art while you enjoy a healthy and tasty dessert before you’re back on the Venice Pier.

Venice Oceanarium

Another thing to check is the Oceanarium. This spot is steps away from the boardwalk area and puts you in an action-adventure mode that the whole family will love. What makes this special is the combination of an integrative curriculum with an urban/natural life setting.

It’s a museum without walls to help the kids enjoy the environment. The Pop-Up on the Pier event shows displays of rare specimens, shark jaws, and other historical facts. Your kids will get some education and experience not covered in a traditional classroom setting.

They read classic books (Moby Dick) and have other free events to get involved in the community. It’s a nice break from all of the tourist stuff in Venice and gets back to the basics. Plus, your kids will appreciate the water and sea life more.

Stroll the Pier

Venice has solid local talent from singers, dancers, and other artists who can help you have a great time without breaking your pockets. You can take an eBike to get that nice brisk air in your face. Walk around the pier to catch certain acts and make it entertaining for your family.

It’s a nice getaway from your hustle and bustle schedule. Also, you get a chance to check out the restaurants to have a nice meal while you get some sunshine.

Go for a Ride on the Venice Bike Path

If you want to get a bit of exercise, the Venice Bike Path goes up to 22 miles. Pick a nice day where it’s warm yet has a nice breeze to help you get a few hours to you and your family. Maybe you can go on a Saturday morning to help get your loved ones involved in a fitness routine.

It feels good to incorporate the ones you hold dear to your heart in a thrilling activity to help get the blood flow pumping. A Boneshaker Venice-style ride would be the ideal choice to help you get that activity started on the right pedal.

Enjoy the Beach

After a day of riding around, you might want to relax on the sandy beach. Watch your little one build a fort. Maybe you want to dip in the water to catch a wave. You’ll want to mellow out after your nice bike ride.

It’s one of the things you want to do in Venice to help you get back into a calm mood after a long week. Take a day to enjoy Venice Pier with your loved ones.

A trip to Venice isn’t complete without a trip to the Venice Fishing Pier. Not only does this pier have amazing views, it harbors an amazing collection of local bars and restaurants that make the city an attractive tourist spot!

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