Fisherman’s Village

Make a stop at Fisherman’s Village on the far side of the marina. Fisherman’s Village has shopping, music, and boat rentals – plus it’s a great place to stop for a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day.

Get Some Fresh Air at Fisherman’s Village

Sometimes you want to take in a cool breeze at a unique harborfront. You can take the family out near the water and admire the beautiful view. Consider enjoying some time at the Marina. Here are some things to do at Fisherman’s Village.

Ride Around the Marina

It’s fun to rent a Boneshaker ebike to help you get around without tiring your legs out too much. You can use the bike by the hour to check out the different restaurants, shops, and other amenities. It feels great to go on a breezy bicycle ride and watch some beautiful scenery.

You can start your day at the Marina or end it like this to make things feel more eventful. It saves you energy to help you get through the rest of the day. You’ll want to stay up for other activities on the boardwalk.

Enjoy a Cruise

One of the best things about Fisherman’s Village is taking advantage of a cruise on the water. Enjoy a delicious cocktail and the open-air deck. You’ll soak in some rays and give your family time to relax.

It takes you away from the everyday element you experience at work or school. Also, it’s something new to try if you haven’t done this on the water. Maybe you want to host a small wedding party or social gathering with close friends and family.

Spend time with your loved ones in a different atmosphere to mix things up. Make sure to book a reservation ahead of time to help you plan your unique event. You’ll be glad you had a chance to take advantage of this beautiful setting with the people you care about the most.

Have Some Fun Activities with Marina Del Ray Sportfishing

You might want to have a bit more action in Marina Del Ray. Enjoy a fishing party, dock fishing, or whale watching. A fishing party can be great to help you teach your little ones how to catch some trout.

It’s fun for them because they’ll learn how to respect the water and the sea life. Whale watching can get very exciting. Think about how the whales can jump out of the water and showcase high-leaping ability.

It makes things exhilarating when you’re on the water and need a bit of adventure.

Get Some Fine Dining

You may have worked up an appetite after riding around your ebike or going out on the water. Luckily, Fisherman’s Village has a host of dining options to suit your needs. Whether you enjoy Italian, Mexican, American, or seafood, you have great choices to satisfy your stomach.

Maybe you want to try a beautiful entree of Pollo Al Mattone with the chicken cooked just right in skewered vegetables.

La Sirenetta is another quality spot to enjoy. You can have a simple fish and chips dish or go for some lobster rolls. Round out the evening with some delicious crepes from KC Crepes Cafe. After completing your meal, walk it off with some retail therapy.

Get Some Shopping Done on the Strip

Istanbul Home has a lot of handcrafted art and accessories to help you get some hometown life in Turkey. The Turkish towels, bed covers, pillows, and ceramics can get your home décor in order.

Momo Gift Shop is an incredible spot to get one-of-kind items. You might want to ship some of these unique gifts to your relatives for the holidays.

Fisherman’s Village offers a unique experience on the waterfront, or you can take some time on a quality boat ride. Take advantage of the various sites here.

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