Mothers Beach

Take a cruise with the family over to Mothers Beach, where u can paddle board, kayak, and grill out. With children play areas and amazing views of the Marina and million-dollar boats, this is the must-see location for any family.

Take Some Time With Your Loved Ones in Marina del Rey

One of the unique areas in California is the Marina del Rey. The water brings out some things to help you get a bit of adventure in your travels. Treat your spouse and your kids to some fun activities in the area.

Marina Beach

After a day on a Boneshaker ebike rental, enjoy some rays on Marina Beach. Here’s a beautiful spot with much to offer to any family (no matter the size).  Consider going around the path to help you get a feel of this stellar waterfront.

You’ll enjoy the beach, the condos, and everything else on the water. You want to soak up some sun after a long week. Marina Beach has the perfect relaxing vibe to help you coast during the rest of your weekend.

Burton W. Chace Park

Take your family here to help you get a bit of nature in the mix. Maybe you want to have a picnic with your spouse and kids. It’s a 10-acre area with tons of room to keep you comfortable.

You can pick a spot where you can separate yourself from others to help you feel like you have a private atmosphere. There are built-in grills everywhere to make it a family affair. Invite some of your closest friends and relatives for a day out at the park.

You can catch up and take time to enjoy each other’s company. Check the schedule for any free summer concerts. It’s a solid opportunity to get to know the local talent. Save some money for your next family outing.

Dockweiler Youth Center

Here’s a solid spot that allows your kids to let loose. They may have some creative energy built up and need to release it in a positive outlet. You may want your child to learn to play with others their age.

They have a multipurpose area just for summer camps. Check out various programs that allow you to mix education and entertainment. Some programs include gymnastics, engineering, science, dance, and games.

If your kid likes more of an outdoor experience, they can take beach hikes, play basketball, dodgeball, and capture the flag.

Dockweiler Youth Center also has fun summer movies to watch. Kids can get an outdoor movie experience to help them still enjoy friends in spacious areas.

Marina Del Rey Farmer’s Market

Maybe you want some fresh produce on a Sunday. It doesn’t matter if you get the perfect cut of meat, fresh fish, or delectable fruit, visit the farmer’s market. Also, it’s a unique place to meet people.

You might want to find different vendors that can let you know about the next big thing. For example, you may want to try a new yogurt that’s a healthier choice than in your average grocery store.

Get first dibs on some of the seasonal fruit in your area. Keep in touch with various people to help you increase your quality of life.

Villa Marina Marketplace

Another spot that would make for a nice family outing is the Villa Marina marketplace. Get some shopping done at some stores. Maybe you want to grab a bite at a spot where they have grass-fed meat.

Burger Lounge is the ideal place to keep things more organic. Take a load off the day by going to Azure Salon to get your hair done.

While the gentlemen wait for the ladies to get their hair and nails done, they can catch a movie at the AMC theater to watch the latest Marvel movie.

Marina del Rey offers a lot of fun activities to help keep the family engaged each step of the way.

If you are in Mothers Beach renting an electric bike ride then we would recommend exploring the surrounding areas Abbot Kinney, Fishermans Village, Marina Del Rey, Muscle Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Street Art, Venice Canals, Venice Pier, Will Rogers State Park.