Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used E-bike

E-bikes, or electric battery-powered bicycles, are exploding around the world in popularity. They have a wide range of unique benefits, are economical, provide a great way to exercise, and are simply a blast to ride around. However, they can run a bit on the pricey side, especially for those who haven’t ridden much before or aren’t 100% sure if they will be using it all the time. 

For these people, an excellent choice to save money is to buy a used e-bike. If you choose wisely and follow these tips, you can get all the benefits of a new e-bike at a fraction of the cost. In this article, we’ll look at all of the major things you need to know before purchasing to make sure you get a bike that works well, lasts a long time, and won’t need any major repairs right away.  

Five Key Elements of Used E-bikes

Examine the condition of the bike.

Examining the general condition of the bike can give you a good preliminary idea of its overall condition and how it has been treated. Like all vehicles, an owner who rides carefully and tries to avoid hard stops, falls, and obstacles will have a bike that lasts longer and rides more smoothly.  

The first thing to look for when considering a used e-bike is scrapes, dents, rust, dirt, flat tires, or any other visible sign of wear and tear. If you see these things, you may want to consider looking elsewhere, as they can be signs of more serious underlying damage to the bike.  

The battery is critical.

When buying a used car, the most important aspect of it is the engine, and the corresponding critical component of an e-bike is the battery. Most e-bikes require a battery change every 5 or 6 years, which is the main maintenance cost for owners. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge and put out as much power, so if the e-bike is five years old and still on its first battery, for example, it could end up requiring a new battery within a year or two of buying it.  

Try and find the mileage.

However, when taking into account the bike’s age, you should also try and ascertain the mileage. Most e-bikes have an odometer or some sort of computer mechanism to keep track of the miles ridden. If possible, try and figure this out, as it will give you a more accurate account of the wear and tear on the bike than simply how long ago it was purchased.  

If you find a bike that is five years old but has only been ridden a few times and has been stored properly, it can be a hidden gem that will still give you years of enjoyment!

Check the parts

If you aren’t familiar with all of the different parts that must function on an e-bike, like pedals, brakes, tires, sprockets, chains, etc., then it might be a good idea to take the bike to a shop for an examination before purchasing. All of these parts can succumb to normal wear and tear, so be sure that the whole bike is in decent condition before purchasing to avoid being hit with expensive repair bills.

Test drive the bike.

Just like you wouldn’t purchase a car without driving it, never purchase an electric bike without taking it for a spin first. This will allow you to confirm that the bike is in working condition, fits you well, is comfortable, and is something you could see yourself riding long-term. Test drives are one of the most important factors when purchasing a used e-bike. 

Transportation of the Future

E-bikes are an excellent way to recreate and get around town on a budget. They are fun, exciting, and interesting, and there aren’t any other transportation methods that allow you to incorporate your mechanical labor with a motor like pedal assist e-bikes do. This makes them incredibly efficient and fun to ride, and it’s easy to see why e-bikes are exploding in popularity the way they are.  

In fact, around 500,000 e-bikes were sold in the US alone last year, actually out-selling electric cars! They save you money from not having to buy gas, are a great form of exercise, and help reduce your carbon footprint. It’s easy to see why more and more e-bikes are sold each year, which also increases the market for available used bikes.  

Take these five factors into consideration and you will be well on your way to e-bike success! Take your time and examine your choices carefully, and you will end up with a valuable bike that you can use for many years to come. E-biking is the transportation method of the future, and you can start enjoying the many benefits it provides, get a feel for the sport, and not break the bank by purchasing a used one.  

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