Street Art Tour

Explore Venice Beach and all the street art it has to offer. From famous artists to the ever-changing art walls, there are endless murals and art pieces to witness with new ones posing up every day.

Enjoy a Street Art Tour in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is not just a place to go for a dip in the water or ride around on a surfboard. View some stellar art to check out along the strip. Take a day with your family to see some incredible pieces in the area. Look at some street artwork to enjoy.

Start on Lincoln Boulevard

Maybe you want to ride your Boneshaker e-bike rental while viewing the stellar pieces on Lincoln Boulevard. You get a mix of street murals, and the Otis College of Art Design is near. Think about how to get a taste of collegiate-level expression.

Renting an electric bike can help you make this trip more enjoyable because you can ride through the cool breeze. You can make it an adventure by looking at different pieces to help you get a feel of the city vibe. Make it a stroll that you enjoy for a weekend attraction.

The good thing about Lincoln Boulevard is it makes for a great starting point. You can begin your tour here and walk for less than an hour to see everything else. Give yourself a break from watching the tourist attractions.

Get a bit of the local scene by watching the fantastic artwork from great visionaries. Develop a better perspective of what goes on in the minds of the youths of the city.

Look at the Murals on Venice Boardwalk

Venice boardwalk is not just a place for catching people performing or going to a fun restaurant. It offers a rich look into modern and yesteryear. You’ll see the Arnold Schwarzenegger mural, a  throwback to his bodybuilding days.

The interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” looks incredible. Think about watching it on a breezy evening out on the town. You’ll get trapped right into the colors blue, yellow, and green. This mesmerizing piece will give you a relaxing feeling each time you look at it.

Be glad you took the time to see this piece to help you calm things down after a busy week of school or work. Collect your thoughts and enjoy what the boardwalk has to offer.  You might catch some great artists working on some new artwork.

Visit Abbot Kinney Murals

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a great strip just minutes away from Venice Beach. Many people go here for the food, fashion, and appeal that makes it unique from other attractions in Los Angeles. Also, this place has impeccable artwork to view.

Consider going through Venice Boulevard and Westminster Avenue. If you want raw street art, this is probably one of the best places to witness all that creative splendor. Maybe you don’t have time to go to different areas.

You can cut your trip short here and take tons of fun photos. “Innocent Wonder” has a beautiful floral element that makes your Venice visit more enjoyable. The “Love Wall” can make it a romantic evening with your spouse.

Get a Sense of Culture With the Graffiti Walls

Look at the 9th wonder of the world between Main Street and Horizon Street. Women can get inspired by lady artist Jules Muck, who has spectacular work. Muck is a British artist based in Venice, California.

Enjoy the mix of her influences from American and European street art for a unique perspective on the walls. Additionally, she got an apprenticeship from the legendary graffiti writer Lady Pink.

Also, note that sometimes what you see today may not be available tomorrow. Some pieces change with people painting over them. However, you should take an art tour to understand the area more.

If you are viewing Street Art while renting an electric bike ride then we would recommend exploring the surrounding areas Abbot Kinney, Fishermans Village, Marina Del Rey, Mothers Beach, Muscle Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Canals, Venice Pier, Will Rogers State Park.