Venice Canals

Take a trip to the historic Venice canals. The four original canals from Venice’s founder Abbot Kinney. The original vision when he created is what we call Venice of America.

Get a Fun Tour of Venice Canals

The historic Venice Canals have a rich presence that stems from Venice’s founder, Abbot Kinney. Whether you go out with your spouse or your kids, you’re taking in a unique culture that you’ll be proud of witnessing. Here are some fun things to do as you tour this outstanding place.

Go On an Electric Bike Tour

One of the fun things to do on the canal is to get a Boneshaker ebike rental and do a tour on it. Think about the exercise you’ll get, but you don’t have to worry about driving or parking somewhere. It lasts up to three hours, and you’ll get an invigorating workout.

Ride through Santa Monica, Venice, and other neighborhoods. It’s better than traveling with a car because you get to see the hidden gems and can build camaraderie with a group. Using an ebike is a fun way to work up a sweat, and you can see the small details of the town.

Make it an adventure that you get to spend with your family and friends to help you bond together. It’ll also keep everyone in solid shape to do other activities throughout the year.

Enjoy the Tranquility

Walking around the canals can be tranquil on an early morning on a Saturday. You can take time to get some reprieve after a long work week. The two-mile walk is perfect for clearing your head.

You’ll get to see some bodies of water and beautiful grass. It feels good to relax after you’ve been working from Monday-Friday. Also, your kids have a place to visit called Linnie Canal Park.

Keep your kids intrigued with slides, swings, and climbing equipment. They can get a stellar view of the canals and have fun enjoying the environment.

Get them outside and away from video games and mobile devices. Bring some normalcy back into their lives as they spend time with family in Mother Nature.

Also, you can view historic homes and landmarks. Venice Beach Canals were on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The beautiful gardens can make you feel like you’re in a wonderland without going too far from home.

Check Out Some Delicious Restaurants

Get some delectable food, whether it’s in Abbot Kinney or the pier. Gjelina Take Away (GTA) is a solid place to start because you can eat a delicious wood-fired oven pizza. Just imagine the hot cheese and the rich tomato sauce touching your taste buds.

Wash everything down with a cold brew to start your evening out on the right foot. It feels great to have some comfort food with the ideal libation. Maybe you want to round off your meal with some dessert.

Salt & Straw is a treat for anyone that loves ice cream. You can keep it simple with salted, malted, and chocolate. However, the seasonal flavors make things fun for people that love to experiment with flavors.

Visit the Boardwalk

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy yourself on the strip. After your tour around the canals, take time to see the street performers on the boardwalk. You can stroll around on foot or on an electric bike rental to view everything.

Maybe you can catch a feature or independent film shoot while you visit this legendary spot. Get inspiration from people weightlifting at Muscle Beach to take your fitness regimen up another level. You’ll find locals working out and bodybuilding.

Going on a tour of Venice Canals doesn’t just have to stop there. Explore Venice in all its splendor to help you have a more well-rounded lifestyle.

If you are in Venice Canals renting an electric bike ride then we would recommend exploring the surrounding areas Abbot Kinney, Fishermans Village, Marina Del Rey, Mothers Beach, Muscle Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Street Art, Venice Pier, Will Rogers State Park.