How Does a Chopper Style Ebike Work?

If you’ve ever wanted to ride a Harley Davidson bike around town but without the costs, noise, and issues that can arise with motorcycles, a chopper style ebike might be the perfect choice for you. Styled after the classic motorcycles that changed the fabric of this nation, these bikes are lightweight, easy to use, exciting, and fast, and can take your commute, exercise, or recreation to the next level. Electric bikes are an economical and efficient way to get around that provide many benefits over walking, driving, or regular bicycles. 

Of course, not everyone that wants to ride a chopper style ebike, or any other electric bike, has to purchase and own one. Renting is a smart and cost-effective way to get the experience you desire, test them out to see if you want to eventually buy one, and have a fun, exciting day cruising the city, beach, or mountains. 

Chopping Into Style

The term “chopper” first arose in California in the 1950s, when the motorcycle gangs that were memorialized in Marlon Brando and James Dean films were roaming the streets. Largely composed of disillusioned and disaffected World War II veterans, these men found their peace and tranquility in a mobile, transient lifestyle, often living outside of the bounds of the law and ordinary society.  

These biker gangs began the tradition of “chopping”, or modifying their bikes, largely coming up with a shared style that has been mimicked many times and is now an extremely popular style for people to purchase motorcycles in. This style has the following characteristics:

  • Elongated and distinct handlebar fork that swoops upwards and creates a posture where the hands are closer to face-level than other bikes
  • A low, comfortable seat 
  • Chrome handlebars
  • A low-rider profile
  • Extended front end creating a longer overall bike

Bike Construction Basics

Now, while most people think of an extremely loud and powerful Harley Davidson when they hear the word “chopper”, there is another option for those who want something more practical, economical, and environmentally friendly: an electric chopper bike. These bikes are excellent for those who live in a city and want to save money on gas or avoid traffic, those who love recreating on bike trails, or those who are looking for a new and exciting way to exercise. 

The best thing about an ebike is the ability to mix pedaling with battery-powered acceleration. This allows you to find the perfect mix of physical exertion and assistance, where you can pedal when you feel like it to gain speed, and then use the battery to help get up hills, go even faster, or just get some help when you feel tired. 

The bike is powered by a battery, which can come in two options: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Lithium. Lithium batteries have a lot of benefits over the older SLA technology, such as a lighter weight, more reliability, and greater distance per charge, but they can raise the price by a substantial amount, bringing the usual cost to around $1000 or more. 

Some things to look out for when purchasing a chopper style ebike are:

  • Brand names and reliability
  • Customer reviews and satisfaction
  • Battery wattage and motor strength
  • Maximum speed on the bike
  • Customizability

Most riders would agree that the most important aspect of the bike is the motor, which typically comes in a design known as a “hub motor”, which is built into the wheel itself. You definitely want a motor produced by a reliable and respectable brand that will last a long time and not need repairs often. Another thing to consider is legality and issues you may have with police: in most areas, electric motors over 750 watts are subject to further rules and regulations than those below this amount, so keep this in mind when making your ebike purchase.

Effortless Style 

One of the main things that sets choppers apart from other electric bikes is their unique and distinct appearance. Many people who ride these report that heads turn wherever they go, earning them attention and admiration from onlookers, and people always want to know where they got their bike from. If you’re looking for a mode of transportation that is affordable and exciting while also being a powerful fashion statement and expression of who you are, there really isn’t any cooler bike you could purchase.

Pair this with a leather jacket, and you can get all the coolness and effortless style of James Dean riding a Harley Davidson for a fraction of the price and without all the messiness of a gas motorcycle. Motorcycles can be loud, expensive, and have a much larger carbon footprint, along with other obvious drawbacks – like the inability to bring a Harley on a bike path. 

Take your exercise, commute, and recreation to the next level today and look into a chopper style ebike – you won’t be disappointed!

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